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Przemysław Perzyński (05.07.1989) /Poznań
Education: IT Technician
I am a young and clever man. I am learning

website developing

for many years. I can write a proffesional website with the use of the most popular technologies availabe. And here is the question: what makes me different? The answer is really simple. I am not a typical example of a


. Noone told me from which books to learn or how a good code should look. I am a autodictat, who
aimed for perfection on his own just to achieve outstanding results
. I do not copy mindlessly the code - I understand it

(X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery or PHP

. I know how the code written by me works and what will be the effects of it. I know also how to use available libraries and plugins - I do not have to dig through documentations to see how they work. I understand why you need tho use a class this way not any other way. Websites made by me match the W3C standards. Their code is search engine optimized to make indexing faster. The code is simple, effective - without any unnecessary code or comments, which would have to be processed by the browser.

But I am not a fanatic developer. I have my interests and hobbies which except webdeveloping is also geocaching. However above all the best moments are those spent with my beloved one.